High Performance3km Long Beam Distance Searchlight Spotlight - High Power LED / Censor 365 – Henlin

Model Censor 365
Lamp Super UV LED 10W x 4
Power Output 1 ~40W Adjustable power
Wavelength 365nm
UVRadiant Flux 13,360mW(Max.)
Lighting time 2.2 hrs. (40W)
Battery Panasonic Li-ion Battery 3200mAh
Charger Input IP : AC100-240V
Dimensions 190x83x83 mm
Weight 970 g

■ Specification

  • Censor 365
  • High power, long life UV LED
  • Japan Panasonic NCR18650-BD Li-ion Battery
  • 15 minutes before the battery is exhausted, the LED warning light will flash automatically
      • IP55 daily waterproof design

  • Charger and Li-ion battery
  • Japan Panasonic NCR18650 BD high battery rechargeable lithium battery
  • Charger input voltage: AC100-240V
  • Charging    :  red light

Full charge :  green

  • Direct lighting transformer


  • Night light

  • Tripod fixing hole
  • Electric monitor
  • Press the battery display button to know the lithium battery power (Lithium battery cannot be displayed in the lighting)

  • Power adjustment button